To download a template, simply click on the link below.

*Print jobs will only be approved if they have been designed using a pre-approved template.  If you do not see an appropriate template for the job you are trying to complete, please contact Sharon Duncan.

Publisher Templates


8.5×11 4UP Postcard Portrait.pub
8.5×11 2UP Postcard Portrait.pub
8.5×11 4UP Postcard Landscape.pub
8.5×11 2UP Postcard Landscape.pub

11×17 4UP Postcard Portrait.pub
11×17 8UP Postcard Portrait.pub
11×17 4UP Postcard Landscape.pub
11×17 8UP Postcard Landscape.pub


8.5×11 Poster Landscape.pub
8.5×11 Poster Portrait.pub

11×17 Poster Landscape.pub
11×17 Poster Portrait.pub

Name Tags

3×4 Name Tag portrait.pub
3×4 Name Tag Landscape.pub

Valet Stands

11×17 Valet Stands.pub

Photoshop Templates

Bulletin Panel

Bulletin Panel 5.625×2.875.psd


Slide 1280×720.psd
Slide 1920×1080.psd
Slide 3840×2160-4K.psd