Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I attend Big Valley Grace and would love to volunteer on the weekends with the Production Team.  How do I get involved?

Answer: First of all……that’s awesome!  We are always looking for more volunteers.  Fill out our Production Team Volunteer Sign Up Form and we will contact you with more info.

2.  Where do you guys get all your ideas for the set designs at church?

Answer:  We follow a Church Stage Design blog that gives us a lot of great ideas and also keeps us up to speed with things other churches are doing.  Also, Pastor Chad likes to record several different TV shows just to see what kinds of things they are doing during the musical performance portion of the programs.

3.  I would like to get have something printed….how do I do that? 

Answer: Please fill out a Print Request Form.  Also, you can visit our Print Room Procedures page for more information.

4.  Do I have to fill out a print request form if I want to make photocopies of something?

Answer:  No.  If you have a copier code, you can make your own photocopies without filling out a Print Request Form.

5.  Do we have to use the font Proxima Nova?

Answer:  No.  Your ministry can use whatever font you would like.  We simply wanted to give you insight into how we operate.    We will use our “official” font or one of the acceptable alternate fonts for most of our documents and web content.


We will add to this list as questions come our way.  If you have a question and would like an answer, please contact Roberta Prather.