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Stage Remodel Progress

The remodel project of the Worship Center stage is almost finished. We hope to have the majority of the work completed by September 20.  We are currently prepping for paint.  The back wall will be finished by Tuesday afternoon.  The ceiling and surrounding areas will be completed by Friday afternoon.  Next week the new carpet will be going in.

Why the remodel?  Our old stage had a built in choir loft, which was practical for the choir, but not for just about anything else.  We love our choir and all that they bring to our worship gatherings, but were looking for a way to allow greater flexibility and access to our stage when the choir isn’t there (school productions, special events, etc.).  We have completely removed the permanent choir loft and will be using portable staging instead. This has opened up a ton of space for a variety of uses.  Also, the new choir staging will be more aesthetically pleasing and a lot safer!

Another cool thing thing that the remodel has uncovered…..the front of our baptismal tank!  The glass front of the baptismal tank was concealed by the choir loft.  Removing the loft has exposed the glass front, which will look fantastic during baptisms and allow greater visibility during those special moments for all who have in attendance.

More updates to come soon.



BVGPro is up and running!

We have been working hard over the past several weeks on the new Production Services site called  This site will serve as a centralized location for all your Production Services related needs.  This site is primarily for the staff of Big Valley Grace Community Church, but will also be available to the general public. will feature links to all Production Services Request Forms, ministry information, staff contacts, FAQs and a news blog to keep you updated and events and ministry news.

Anytime you have a question or need, you can find the answers here!